The wRatings System automates the process of design, collecting and analyzing data on customer expectations and satisfaction. Our speed to impact a company’s revenue growth provides a substantial advantage for executives. Implementations take place in hours, not months, quarters or longer.

We accelerate your time-to-value through our single pane of view (Competitive Dashboard), along with three types of training to use that best meet your needs and experience.

Self-Service Training

Our system contains modules to use on-the-fly or as complete end-to-end training programs. Every view has built-in training that demonstrates both the concept and how use the system with that concept. Training modules are fully integrated into the site.

Live Webinars

For executives and their teams, we conduct live webinars where we tailor training to an organization’s implementation and usage of the system.


Whether you want to immerse the executive team or train a large group on the wRatings system & concepts, we design half-, full- or multi-day workshops to meet an organization’s needs.