Our Story

The catalyst for wRatings goes back to the 1980s, when founder Gary A. Williams started his software development company that focused exclusively on the Apple Macintosh®. By the time he sold it for pennies on the dollar years later, he had missed the substantially larger market for Microsoft Windows® 95 and its precursors.

How could this happen? Why didn’t the best product, most elegant product win? The answers would not be discovered for more than a decade, but Gary vowed that other executives would not have to experience that similar pain of defeat when missing a market.

In the late 1990s, Gary teamed up with sales guru Robert B. Miller (co-author of best-selling book Strategic Selling®) to form Miller-Williams Inc., a sales research firm based out of San Diego, CA. By combining Gary’s Strategic Profiling research with Bob Miller’s sales, they focused exclusively on helping 12 CEO’s and their executive & sales teams on growing revenue.

Between 2004 and 2007, Gary incorporated financial metrics into his research methods to create an investment grade product for the hedge fund community. The wRatings method measures the gaps between customer expectations and company performance to force rank public and private companies in all sectors of the global economy. The data was listed for usage on S&P Capital IQ and FactSet.

Since 2011, wRatings has launched a series of funds, and licensed its data for inclusion in indexes used for various investment-grade products. The Drucker Institute, in partnership with the Wall Street Journal and S&P, utilize some wRatings data in their annual rankings on corporate effectiveness.

In 2015, wRatings CEO Gary A. Williams teamed up with Gerard F. McDonough to form G2 Equity Partners and combine their competitive & human capital research methods (respectively). The firm collaboratively engages with other equity holders to accelerate revenue growth. In late 2020, we launched the wRatings System for continuous delivery to put our predictive analytics into the hands of senior executives around the globe. The SaaS tool (Software-as-a-Service) is available on demand 24×7 so our customers can grow their revenue today, which is when they need and want it.

Our Logo

The meaning behind our logo goes hand-in-hand with the core of what wRatings is all about: We do battle right alongside each of our executive clients and their teams. We’re in the trenches with them to help figure out how to grow their organization and achieve their financial goals.

Battling requires you to go on offense, yet be ready to play defense at any moment. The circle in our logo is your shield, and help you defend any competitor that is naïve enough to try to take your customers away. Every battle also requires a sword with that shield, so you can attack any segment in your industry to take any and all of the market share you desire.

And of course, no battle is Won without a Winner, and we expect to Win. Let’s Go For The W.