How Our System Works

The wRatings system is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tool that uses customer perceptions and predictive analytics to improve executive decisions on how to grow their organization.

Our system uses state-of-the-art design and technology to help executives compress the time to make decisions and lead their teams. We’ve solved the most difficult pieces to generating competitive research first, through our data design & connection that integrates complex relationships into a common framework.

Much like a factory or finished product, current customers are part of a company’s assets and prospective customers are future assets. Yet, they are only assets if the company can keep and grow them.

After asking customers about their needs, experiences and expectations, the wRatings system maps their data into its analytics layer. Executives need more than just data to make decisions; they need a framework based on logic and standards to assess which parts of the data require their immediate attention.

By adding key financial & operating metrics to our data, executives make the best decisions possible using a deep understanding of customer perceptions about where pricing power and preference exists.  We radically accelerate executive decisions through our foundation of value, moats and competitive benchmarks.

With our single pane view, executives possess a simple, consolidated view into their financial data and what real-world customers think and value the most. Our mapping techniques provide immediate transparency into what may be impacting growth that goes far deeper than traditional KPIs (key performance indicators).

With the wRatings system, executives can see not only how value is currently shifting, but how previous decisions have altered the competitive landscape.