Competitive Strength Database

Since 1999, we’ve been collecting data on customer expectations and company performance using a standard approach. We are not aware of any other database that tracks competitive strength of companies using similar sets of data.

Our database is under license to various hedge funds and other investment managers for inclusion in their portfolios. The Drucker Institute, in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, embed multiple scores from our database in their S&P/Drucker Institute Corporate Effectiveness Index.

We are not aware of any other database that tracks competitive strength of companies using customer expectations and performance/satisfaction data.

“Recognition of Food Network’s and HGTV’s the competitive advantages by their inclusion on the wRatings’ list is another indication we are keeping up with the changing media landscape to consistently deliver on the brand promise and meet consumer expectations.”
President of Scripps Network
“It is an honor to be recognized as one of America’s most competitive companies. This award is particularly noteworthy because it is based on both our financial strength and consumer confidence in our brand.”
Dan Amos, Chairman and CEO of Aflac
“Aflac shares have been climbing today after independent competitive research firm wRatings named AFL to the list of most competitive companies in U.S.”

We’ve tracked how customers think and how their expectations progress through three recessions caused by the 2000 internet bubble, the 2008 financial bubble and now the 2020 pandemic.

With each year of data, our algorithms get smarter and smarter about how to measure competitive strength. Our research machine continuously learns how to ask less questions to achieve even more accurate results for executives & investors.

Initial surveys were 240+ questions and required customers to spend 20 to 30 minutes or more to complete. Today, the entire research process takes ~5 minutes or less, and can easily be performed on any laptop, tablet or smart phone. Every part of the patented wRatings research method is fine-tuned for speed, accuracy and predictability.

Because our data is forward-looking, our competitive strength database is unlike any other set of data in its ability to project future financial performance. We combine multiple sets of customer expectations with spending analytics to predict which companies are best positioned to win more customers. Companies with higher competitive strength scores are those best meeting customer expectations.

As an executive or investor, subscribers to the wRatings System gain access to the competitive strength database so they can view scores of the W-30™ Companies or benchmark their company and rivals against them.