CEO & Executives

“In my 32 years of distribution, I have never seen data so rich as this. Truly a roadmap for where to focus activity on to increase potential for success.”
President, Distribution Company
“Recognition of Food Network’s and HGTV’s the competitive advantages by their inclusion on the wRatings’ list is another indication we are keeping up with the changing media landscape to consistently deliver on the brand promise and meet consumer expectations.”
President of Scripps Network
“It is an honor to be recognized as one of America’s most competitive companies. This award is particularly noteworthy because it is based on both our financial strength and consumer confidence in our brand.”
Dan Amos, Chairman and CEO of Aflac

We work closely with CEOs, COOs and their executive teams to improve and accelerate decisions on how to grow their revenue.

Our system has been fine-tuned specifically to help executives process large amounts of data in rapid time for decision-making. If you are a P&L (profit & loss) owner or are part of a P&L team, the wRatings system is the most important tool in your arsenal

In the early stages of building out the wRatings system, our work centered on helping a small group of executive teams at our pilot 12 companies including Allied Waste, Aramark, Cingular Wireless, Coors, Cymer, General Motors, Sabre Systems, Sikorsky Aircraft and Tony Robbins.

We quickly learned the value of connecting our competitive research with company financials and other metric data to predict where pricing power and customer buying preferences exist.

Today, executives see all their critical data in a single pane of view that allows them to easily build a fact-based roadmap for revenue growth.

From time-to-time, wRatings chooses to partner with one company in a given industry to provide exclusive access to our system and extend our competitive advantages to them.

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