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Industry Standard: W SCORE™

Measurements of companies best meeting consumer expectations are a reliable leading indicator to economic performance. What makes our patented system more accurate than traditional research is that we start by asking consumers what they expect: How high up is “up” really? This allows us to determine when consumers will stop buying even though they remain satisfied with their past purchase.

Consumers can and do alter their expectations on a continual basis, often before a company gets a chance to build execution capabilities. This creates investor opportunities to short or long their stock.

“Everyday companies large and small are trying to figure out how well customers will respond to what they’re planning to deliver. With wRatings, the guesswork is gone. You can immediately see which companies are best positioned to out-maneuver their rivals and build market share.”
Robert McCormack
Partner, Pasadena Angels

“Every time we would see our ratings rise a point, we’d subsequently see our revenue and market share increase as well.”
John Zillmer
Former Chairman/CEO of Allied Waste

“Over the five years of using Gary’s research, we began to think and speak like our customers. Our organization demonstrated a level of understanding that changed the competitive playing field. In short, our competitors were forced to compete on our terms.”
Jack Donovan
Private Investor & Former President, ARAMARK Campus Services

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How Investors Use wRatings
“Every time we would see our [W] ratings rise a point at ARAMARK, we’d subsequently see our revenue and market share increase as well.”
John J. Zillmer, Former EVP
ARAMARK Corporation
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