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Real-Time Customer Data

Our patented, turn-key system is highly scalable across all geographies and industries. We conduct thousands of interviews through our consumer and business panel websites.

Step 1. Since 1999, we’ve recruited panelists offline at points-of-purchase such as airports, hotels, restaurants and retail districts. We now also accept panel registrations online.

Step 2. We pre-qualify respondents as current, former and potential customers of the companies they rate. For lesser known companies, we conduct special panels.

Step 3. Respondents complete an online interview in 2-4 minutes. Each receives a description of their buying style and a list of companies that meet their expectations.

Step 4. Unknown to panelists, we score their answers to vet respondents and prevent bad data from entering our system. Only genuine answers pass, which allows a respondent to be paid an incentive or entered into a drawing. Failed respondents will never pass pre-qualification again.

Step 5. Our system automatically scores their answers for consumer strengths.

Step 6. We blend the scores with financial calculations of economic profit momentum.

Step 7. Each quarter, we publish new ratings on stocks in our coverage.

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How Investors Use wRatings
“Every time we would see our [W] ratings rise a point at ARAMARK, we’d subsequently see our revenue and market share increase as well.”
John J. Zillmer, Former EVP
ARAMARK Corporation
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