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Unique Proprietary Database

Our objective is to measure the in-flight performance of stocks by continually interviewing customers on how well the company is meeting their expectations. We vet both our consumer and business panels to ensure an accurate and representative sample.

Each interview is conducted online and takes only a few minutes. We blend the scores from interviews with our calculation of economic profit. This allows us to see both a historical and forecasted view of each company’s competitive strength. A W Score™ ranks the competitive strength of the company relative to every other company in our coverage.

Buy-side analysts or portfolio managers at institutional investment firms often have dozens of equity investment ideas that need validating. These are time-sensitive opportunities where you cannot wait for the outcome of primary research on a sector, industry or company.

For most investors, conducting surveys with customers is highly desirable but just not feasible. The wRatings System was built specifically to overcome virtually all investor limitations to using primary research:

  • Surveys take too long to complete...not with wRatings!
    Every day of the year, wRatings is continually monitoring the customer expectations through its consumer and business executive panel. Our automated survey collection system works while you sleep (try a survey). The wRatings data is always up-to-date, complete and comparative back to 1999.
  • Surveys are cost-prohibitive on a wide scale...not with wRatings!
    The cost-benefit analysis of quality surveys rarely works, similar to trying to justify travel by private jet. But the fantastic news is that wRatings has solved the cost-benefit equation for you. Just like Nielsen Media or Consumer Reports, wRatings continually collects data from its panels to measure how well about 2,500 companies are meeting customer expectations. Using our subscription model, we keep membership costs at a very feasible level. No other research firm can provide you with the unique breadth and depth of the wRatings coverage.
  • Survey data is not accurate or predictive...not with wRatings!
    The roots of the wRatings System dates back to 1999 when our founder initially worked with a dozen CEOs to perfect the accuracy of the system. When CEOs at multi-billion dollar firms need answers, the data must be of high quality. A key difference of the wRatings System is its ability to predict consumer behavior with uncanning accuracy. Our patented methods ask customers to state the height of their expectations, so we know how high "up" really is. The allows us to see when demand will decrease (low expectations) or increase (high expectations) and which companies are positioned to fill that demand, if any.
  • Survey data is unclear or confusing...not with wRatings!
    The W Reports are specifically designed to give the look and feel of a standard equity report, but the vast majority of the data in them relates to customer feedback. The report formats are 100% standard across all 2,500 companies.
  • Survey data doesn't help traders...not with wRatings!
    The wRatings data is available 24x7 and all responses have been converted into a logical ratings system. Each company receives a percentile rank of their competitive strength relative to all the others in our coverage. With our weekly updates and tear sheets, traders and quantitative oriented investors can tap into minor fluctuations throughout a fiscal quarter of how well a company is performing with its customers. In the past, typically only CEOs would have access to this level of transparency about their companies and rivals.
The power of the wRatings System rests in its dynamic interviewing capabilities that continues to add to our extensive database.

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How Investors Use wRatings
“Every time we would see our [W] ratings rise a point at ARAMARK, we’d subsequently see our revenue and market share increase as well.”
John J. Zillmer, Former EVP
ARAMARK Corporation
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