Powering Revenue Growth Decisions


Powering Revenue Growth Decisions

Organizations have the talent to grow their revenue. Far too often, their talent is focused on performance areas that may seem beneficial, yet do not actually drive more revenue. Although people are working hard and investments being made, growth remains elusive.

With the wRatings system, executives have clear visibility into what they must do to meet customer expectations and how much more customers are willing to pay for it.  We empower executives to make decisions better, faster and with more confidence to grow revenue and simultaneously cut costs by eliminating unnecessary activity.

What is wRatings?

The wRatings system is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tool that uses customer perceptions and predictive analytics to improve and accelerate executive decisions on how to grow their organization.

The battle for customers is increasingly complex, and rivals move faster than ever to duplicate any financial success that an organization builds. To win more customers, executives must often make decisions using incomplete, inaccurate and/or out-of-date data about their customers.

Our system was built for today’s complex environment. We connect what customers need and expect with what organizations must do to generate revenue growth.

On a continual basis, we capture your customer’s perception and analyze it automatically against multiple criteria to predict where growth can be found. No need to wait for “data to be processed” or “the report to be ready.” Your growth analytics are available in real-time so you can take action immediately.

Patented, Proven System

Our patented research was the May 2002 cover article in Harvard Business Review, and is used today in multiple investment indexes including the Best Managed Companies annual rankings from the Drucker Institute. These rankings are published in the Wall Street Journal near the end of each calendar year.

In addition to private equity, hedge fund and consulting firm usage, we started our own portfolio in January 2015 that ranks the top 25 companies from our competitive strength database.

Since its inception, we have continually out-performed all investment benchmarks including the S&P 500 (Total Return), Russell 1000 (Total Return) and Russell 2500 (Total Return). The portfolio is managed by an independent financial wealth firm.

The investment portfolio, called the Customer Value Index (CVI), is managed by an independent financial wealth firm based in King of Prussia just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Our Business Framework

At wRatings, we provide CEOs, senior executives, boards of directors and investors with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that automates the design, collection and analysis of independent competitive research.

Our research requires a number of fixed investments that we use to help organizations increase their financial returns.

These investments provide our clients with substantial advantages when combined with their customer data, far beyond that of a traditional, static research firm.

Using our patented model, we build SaaS modular software that allows us to capture and benchmark customer expectations and company performance on a continual basis. We continually monitor the pulse of customer demand through our panels, adding benchmark data on The W-30™ Companies every year.

We leverage these investments by speaking at corporate events and publishing articles, books & reports, which ultimately attract more people to become a member on our websites. We sell our system on a subscription basis to companies & organizations as well as PE firms & hedge funds.


Case Studies

“In my 32 years of distribution, I have never seen data so rich as this. Truly a roadmap for where to focus activity on to increase potential for success.”
President, Distribution Company
“Everyday companies large and small are trying to figure out how well customers will respond to what they’re planning to deliver. With wRatings, the guesswork is gone. You can immediately see which companies are best positioned to out-maneuver their rivals and build market share.”
Robert D. McCormack, Partner, Pasadena Angels

We work with executives around the world to generate alpha (the active return on investment). Our reach extends to 40+ countries, with algorithms built for virtually all languages in use by developed economies.

The wRatings system allows for maximum creativity when discovering new sources of value, all while maintaining speed and precision. Our goal is to accelerate the time-to-value of your implementation to grow revenue and cut costs now.

Waste Disposal Able to leapfrog all competitors, large and small
Grew revenue by 20% in two years while reducing costs
Facilities Transform a services-based company from price- to value-oriented
Redesigned business model to increase sales 4X within five years
Beverages Reengineered value delivery in a 100-year-old industry
During a recession, grew revenue at 2X rate of largest competitor
Heavy Equipment Unlock the digital knowledge found in data and field sites
New revenue sources doubled the market value within 2 years


Our Members

Whether you are an executive or investor, the wRatings system helps you make better decisions to achieve your financial goals.

P&L owners and their teams can unlock the full talent of their organizations by discovering new ways to create value for their customers.

Investor Relations professionals, Hedge Funds and PE firms use our scoring system to analyze the competitive strength of their companies.

We continually track our benchmark companies using quick, simple online interviews from consumer & business professionals in 40+ countries.